The Challenge
Having been involved in the development of numerous coach and sport education programs over the past 20 years I have developed a great appreciation for the hard work that sports organizations and their staffs do to provide the best training and programs possible in order for their athletes to have the opportunity to play their sorts in a fun, safe and rewarding manner. There is never enough money, time and resources to get the job done to the level you want it done. Over the years one of the most pressing challenges my colleagues and I faced is discovering the best practices and finding or creating the best resources to use in your program. All of this made more difficult by the chaotic and divergent nature of the sports system, and it’s been up to the individual NGBs, college, high school and youth organizations to try to piece together a development system where the needs of the athletes and coaches are met.

Our Purpose and Philosophy:
Our goal is to assist and support the development of sports organizations and programs towards an integrated system of strategic sports advancement. To do this to provide the best information, resources and support to sports organizations at all levels that will allow them to deliver the high quality sports programs that they are committed to provide.
At the core of the SDC philosophy is the American Development Model. There are 10 key principles of the ADM which SDC will promote and utilize in its work in order to improve the sports experience for kids, parents, coaches and all who support healthy lifestyles and youth development.
1. Free Play in conjunction to adult organized youth sports
2. Recreation Leagues instead of travel teams for U12
3. Co-ed Play in most sports until PHV
4. Multi-sport sampling, including non-traditional sports and activities
5. High Volume Activities and movement
6. Age Appropriate Skill and Physical Development Instruction
7. Physical Literacy First
8. Sport/Athlete Protection (Sexual molestation, bullying, harassment prevention, concussion prevention and management, sportsmanship education)
9. Coach Training and Certification
10. Vision and Leadership