By employing the latest cutting edge research in sport development and performance athletes, coaches, parents and sports organizations can significantly increase the number of children who are active, playing sports, and continuing to play sports, as well as the level of fitness and the quality of sport skill development.

SSPThe Sport Development Pyramid
A comprehensive, integrated, strategic program which follows the principles of the American Development Model and provides tools and services for use by athletes, parents, coaches, and sports organizations to provide a fun, safe and effective sports experience for children.

The American Development Model SportSuccessPassporrt
SportSuccessPassport (SSP) is a revolutionary athletic development program that uses the latest digital technology to improve the sports experience for kids, parents, and sport organizations.
The aim of SSP is to help kids enjoy sports, become physically literate, develop fundamental skills, and build a love for being active and fit that will last a lifetime.
The SSP provides a guide for parents to use to plan out and make wise decisions concerning their child’s physical and athletic development

Organized youth sports provides a great opportunity for kids to play sports, have fun and be active, but it can not provide the whole answer in terms of supporting a child’s athletic, social, emotional and mental development. By engaging in “FreePlay” kids can have fun, practice independent decision making, develop social skills, expand their creativity, increase their activity and fitness levels and skill development (and get away from their parents for awhile)

By using a holistic approach to athletic development, parents can support the growth and wellbeing of their child. It will allow them to determine if the sports organizations they are enrolling their kids in are safe and will provide the best opportunities for their child to develop their athletic potential. It will help parents to develop a practical plan that will allow them to make the best choices for the athletic development of their kids.

Better coaching means a better and safer sports experience for kids (and their parents). The elements in the SSP facilitate better communication and sharing of information with their players, parents, the club/league administration. Coaches will be able to improve their coaching by being able to identify in what areas they need to provide support to their athletes.

Sports Organizations
SSP will allow sports organizations to improve the success of their athletes and teams by providing a cutting edge structured program framework based on best principles of high performance athletic development. SSP will allow them to engage the parents, kids and coaches in their programs and improve the retention rate and skill development. SSP provides sports organizations with the system and tools to track their programs effectiveness and upgrade the quality of their services.