Collaboration and Events

USOC’s NGB Content Summit

In order to identify the commonalities of content that were needed and shared by the various NGBs, the NGB Content Summit was convened in conjunction with the USOC. Over 30 sports were represented and through the facilitated discussions and presentations the first steps were taken towards a shared national coaching program and development system.
USA Coaching Education Coalition – National Coach Conferences

After hosting and organizing several National Coach Educators Conferences and USOC National Team Coaches Summits the USA Coaching Education Coalition (USOC, NFHS, NCAA, and AAPEHRD) created and organized a combined Conference that brought both groups together to maximize the opportunity for interaction and sharing of ideas between university researchers, faculty, NGB coach education staff and coaches at all levels. In addition, because of the elevation of this conference it became the host event for the USOC National Coach of the Year Awards banquet. The result of the first conference in 2011 was the inception of the USOC and NGB’s strategy to develop an “American” version of the Long-Term Athlete Development Model.

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About the Author : David McCann

Dave McCann is the Founder of Sport Development Concepts, which provides consulting on all matters having to do with the development of sport, including recruitment, retention, and advancement of athletes. He is the nation’s leading expert on Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD). Previously he served as Director of Rugby Development and Director of Coaching for USA Rugby, Manager of Coaching Education for the US Olympic Committee, and Director of the Institute for Sport Coaching. In 2011 he created the National Coaching Conference, which brings together coaches, coach educators, and program administrators to discuss and develop solutions to improve our national sports development, education, and performance system. In 2007 he was elected President of the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education. Throughout his career he has trained over 3,000 sport coaches and instructors in clinics across the nation.

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