Sport Resource Development

USA Ski and Snowboard CD/DVD Series

The goal was to take the knowledge and talent that was at the US Ski and Snowboard team and share that with coaches and athletes throughout the country.  We designed a series of CD-ROMs and DVDs that could be used on their own or in support of clinics to demonstrate the proper coaching approaches and skill development to skiers and riders. With the enthusiastic support of the National and Olympic Team athletes and coaches we created resources that played a significant role in improving the quality of coaching and raising the level of competitive success of athletes at all levels.

To enable this program a new USSA On-line Education Store, processing and fulfillment system were also developed.  Revenue from the sale of these resources subsidized the development and delivery of coaching clinics making the clinics much more affordable to coaches.

Successful Sports Parenting CD-ROM

One of the CDs we developed “Successful Sport Parenting” was a joint effort of USA Ski and Snowboard and USA Swimming, and was in response to a need that was shared by many NGBs and youth sports organizations for a easy to use and impactful resource that parents could use to support their children in their athletic and sports development. Using the latest research from the Institute for Youth Sports at Michigan State University and the US Tennis Association, as well as a multitude of top experts in the field the multi-media resource had over 200 pages of text and documentation and 2 hours of interviews from national team and elite athletes from several sports, and was hosted by Debbie Phelps.  Successful Sports Parenting was endorsed and adopted by over a dozen NGBs as part of their sports development programs.

USA Coaching Web-site

One of the key elements that had been missing in the development of a more collaborative and effective system of coaches education and sport development in the US was a comprehensive “clearinghouse” of information about coaching education programs, sport development resources, coaching courses, university degree programs and research.  The web-site was created in conjunction with the USOC.

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About the Author : David McCann

Dave McCann is the Founder of Sport Development Concepts, which provides consulting on all matters having to do with the development of sport, including recruitment, retention, and advancement of athletes. He is the nation’s leading expert on Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD). Previously he served as Director of Rugby Development and Director of Coaching for USA Rugby, Manager of Coaching Education for the US Olympic Committee, and Director of the Institute for Sport Coaching. In 2011 he created the National Coaching Conference, which brings together coaches, coach educators, and program administrators to discuss and develop solutions to improve our national sports development, education, and performance system. In 2007 he was elected President of the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education. Throughout his career he has trained over 3,000 sport coaches and instructors in clinics across the nation.

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